Polish Saturday Schools in Victoria

In 2009 the organisation continues to provide Polish Language education in 5 schools: in Rowville, South Melbourne, St Albans, Glenroy and Essendon. There are 26 teachers providing lessons for 157 children and 23 adults. All the teachers employed within our organisation undergo Working with Children Checks. Parents assisting in the schools also submitted the same Working with Children Checks.

Thanks to the assistance of the Polish Consul General in August 2008 we awarded Polish students studying VCE with Consular Diplomas in the Polish Language for 2007. The most successful students received Diplomas for their achievements. In February 2009 VCE students from 2008 received similar awards from Consul Grzegorz Jopkiewicz.

Introducing a brand new project under the organisation’s auspices we are beginning a Polish Language Camp for students studying Polish. 38 students from the ages of 5 years to 17 years participated in the Camp as well as 17 adults. To illustrate the success of the Camp all of the older students participated in the Jindabyne Camp in April 2009 as part of the Kosciuszko Festival.

In June 2009 we invited a methodologist from the Polish Centre for Teaching in Lublin, Ms Malgorzata Malyska as Guest Speaker in 2008/2009, who delivered lectures for the benefit of our teachers attending the National Australian Polish Teachers Conference in Rowville. The Polish Consul General also attended the conference as well as Polish Ambassador Professor Ryszard Sarkowicz.
Last year students of our Polish language Schools participated in the Youth Talent Concert on 7 August 2008, the Polish Festival at Federation Square and 3rd of May Concert in 2009 in Essendon. The students took part in a competition which was held in connection with the Year of Languages organized by Teachers Association from NSW.

In 2009 about 45 students of our Polish Language Schools participated in the Youth Talent Concert on 13 August 2009, the Polish Festival at Federation Square and 3 May Concert in 2010 in Essendon. The students took part in a competition which was organised by the Consulate, Polish Educational Society and NSW Teachers Association and five won prizes. (Kasia Rozycki,Tomek Odrowaz,Ola Odrowaz,Veronika Iwanowski and Michelle Dowlaszewicz)

In 2009 the sixth tournament covering Knowledge of Poland, was conducted in two groups, one for younger children grades 1-4 and the second older group, grades 5-8. This competition was conducted both orally and in written form. This year, the winner was the school from Essendon. The younger group category however was won by the Marsall J.Pisludski School from Rowville. For the first time in Australia, Consul General of Polish Republic Mr. Daniel Gromann honours 3 teachers Halina Puszkar, Zofia Gancarz and Roman Sawko with Polish Education Medal (Medale Komisji edukacji Narodowej).

Third Polish Language Camp was organised in Halls Gap. We had 41 students and 14 teachers and volunteers.

Thanks to the efforts of our teachers, we have designed program for the various levels of VELS and a Strategic Program for the coming three years 2010-2012. We have

received accreditation in accordance with the expectations of the Department of Education and Early Childhood.

In 2010 154 students, 15 adults and 25 teachers studing Polish at 4 PCCV schools. We lost the school from Glenroy.

In the May 2010, VCE students from 2009 received Diploma’s awards from the Consul General of the Republic of Poland Mr. Daniel Gromann.