About Us

The Polish Community Council of Victoria Inc. (Federacja Polskich Organizacji w Wiktorii) was established in 1962 as the state’s peak Polish organisation, or federation, of Victoria’s Polish associations, organisations and individual groups of Polish migrants. The Council represents the concerns, needs, aspirations, achievements and interests of the Polish community of Victoria. Its constituency through Victoria comprises over 40 Polish regional and special interest associations.

The role and functions of the Council can be summarised in terms of three key activities:

  • Coordination and advocacy
  • Information dissemination and exchange
  • Community welfare, relations and development


The Polish Community Council’s mission is to enrich and enhance the well-being of the Polish-Australian community within the multicultural context of the Victorian community. It aims to achieve this through the fullest participation and involvement of all people of Polish background and establishing relations with relevant organisations in the wider Australian community.


  • To represent the Polish-Australian community of Victoria before all tiers
    of government in Australia
  • To contribute to the formulation of policy on issues affecting the Polish community in accordance with the Access and Equity Strategy of the Australian Commonwealth
  • To foster a sense of membership within the Australian multicultural community and to endeavour to develop Polish-Australian cultural and economic cooperation


  • To cooperate with and assist in the activities of member organisations
  • To initiate and organise social, as well as charitable activities, and to conduct community services to assist people in need within the Polish-Australian community
  • To assist other public benevolent institutions in their endeavours, on behalf of the Polish community
  • To represent the needs, aspirations and achievements of the Polish-Australian community
  • To promote and address the issues faced by the Polish-Australian community within the context of the wider Australian community
  • To act as an effective advocate, and to analyse government policies on matters relevant to the Polish-Australian community
  • To identify new issues requiring further research related to the needs and aspirations of the Polish-Australian community
  • To develop strategies to implement the results of research where it will assist the Polish-Australian community
  • To facilitate and encourage greater participation in Polish cultural and community activities
  • To enhance mechanisms to assist State and Federal bodies in the formulation of policies, programs and services which affect the Polish-Australian community.T